What Sets Us Apart

Authorized Dealer

One way to ensure a quality buying experience, is to purchase direct from an authorized dealer. At LA Office Solutions, we are proud to say we have been an authorized Copystar Dealer and Kyocera Reseller for nearly 30 years. As an authorized dealer, we have met our manufacturers’ stringent requirements prior to receiving our authorization. What does this mean for our customers?

Our Qualifications

We are factory trained on every piece of equipment we put into the marketplace.
We provide all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and supplies.
We provide all latest technical bulletins and firmware updates.
We ensure manufacturers’ warranties.
We provide large account service across the country.

Your Benefits

You receive the highest quality of service based on our 30 years of expert knowledge and ongoing training from Kyocera and Copystar
You are guaranteed the highest quality of parts direct from the manufacturer to ensure longevity, warranty and investment
You maximize efficiency by ensuring your equipment is running seamlessly and all firmware is up-to-date
You are guaranteed your equipment is protected
You receive a simplified process and increased buying power for a unified fleet